What is Scratch Art and how does it work?

Scrape away the lines to reveal a beautiful Artfoil picture.

Give your mind that little time out it deserves with a shiny Scratch Art project.

Scratch Art is also known as Artfoil, Foil Art or Engraving Art. It is a creative activity where you can craft a beautiful picture using a scraper tool.

Scratch Art how to guide

Each Artfoil project comes with a scraper tool and a scratch art picture, this is a board that is covered with a black ink layer.

Scratch Art instructions

You can choose from Gold, Rainbow, Copper and many other Scratch Art projects. The name indicates your project’s background colour that is hiding behind the black ink coating.


Scratch Art collection

You will create a highly detailed picture by scraping away grey lines and exposing the coloured background layer beneath.

Follow these simple instructions to create your picture.

  1. Using the scraper tool, scrape away the faint grey guidelines to reveal your engraved picture.
  2. Always place a clean sheet of paper under your hands, this will protect the black surface from greasy fingermarks.
  3. Use the point of the scraper for fine lines, stipples and textures.
  4. For broader lines use the side of the scraper.
  5. As you work, brush away the excess ink scrapings with a soft cloth or duster.
  6. When you have finished your Artfoil picture, you can display it in a suitable frame.


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Scratch Art projects are a great and inexpensive way for children and adults to stay busy or take your focus away from stress and worry.