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Brand new design Lilac Breasted Roller Sequin Art Blue

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Brand New Design Spick & Span Corgis Sequin Art Red

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Brand New Design German Shepherd Sequin Art Blue

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Explore our range of beautifully designed kits that include 3D designs, Diamond Art and the traditional Sequin Art designs.

Sequin Art Blue

The original Sequin Art Blue range. Featuring our latest designs.

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New Designs. German Shepherd And Lilac Breasted Roller in The Sequin Art Blue Range

Sequin Art Red

Discover playful designs and let your imagination run wild with our Red range.

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Spick and Span Corgis from the Sequin Art Red Range

Sequin Art Craft Teen

Create stunning designs using an array of colourful sequins.

Craft Teen
New designs in the Sequin Art Teen Craft collection

Create beautiful, sparkling pictures

Creative fun for all ages

Sequin Artists across the world will adore these popular designs. Each kit includes sequins, instructions and a polystyrene frame. Add some sparkle and character to any room – perfect for children and adults alike.

How it Works

Step 1

You’ll find everything you need inside the box…

Step 2

…Sequins, pins, an image/guide to work from and a polystyrene frame to mount your sequins into.

Step 3

Use the pins to fix the sequins to the frame, following the guide to create your sparkling design.

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