What is Painting By Numbers & How Does it Work?

Looking for an antidote to the demands of the 24/7 digital world? Discover Painting By Numbers, one of the most relaxing and enjoyable craft activities.

Painting is often used as a healing therapy and has many positive health advantages but what if you have never tried painting? With Painting By Numbers, you don’t need to be a talented artist to reap the benefits of this craft.

Each Painting By Numbers project comes with everything you need to complete your picture: pre-printed board, acrylic paints and a brush. All you will need to get started is some water.
Your pre-printed board will be divided into small sections and marked with a number which matches to a specific colour.

Not sure how Painting By Numbers works? Watch our video tutorial.

Pre-printed board in the Painting By Numbers kit
Pre-printed board in one of our Junior Painting By Numbers projects


Begin painting your picture by studying your colour-coded board and choosing the larger one colour areas first. We recommend painting all the areas with the same number before moving on to a different colour. Allow each section to dry before moving onto another one. You may also want to lay a piece of paper between your hand and the board to prevent smudging.

Use clean water to wash your brush out in between the change of colours and use kitchen paper towel or a suitable cloth to dry your brush.

A box full of acrylic paints used for Painting By Numbers collection
We use acrylic paints in all our Painting By Numbers Kits

Acrylic paints

The paints that we use in all our Painting By Numbers kits are acrylic, they create rich and bright looking paintings while being quick drying. These paints are water soluble which means they can be diluted and mixed with water. However, they become dry very quickly so keep your paint pots firmly closed when not in use.

Mixing colours

To achieve some shades of colour in your picture you will need to mix your paints.  Where areas are marked for example 1/8 or 3/5  use equal parts of the two colours and mix them together. Only mix a small amount at a time. You can use a variety of things as containers for mixing: foam egg cartons, plastic cups, lids or a saucer.


Before you pick up your brush and get started, take a look at our Painting By Numbers collection. We make all our Painting By Numbers kits here in our factory in Swaffham and have three different ranges. Our Junior range is ideal for adults and children 8 years and over whereas the Senior range gives the more experienced painters a chance to challenge themselves and is ideal for adults and children 10 years and over. We have also just added a brand new My First Paints painting by numbers range. It was designed with young children in mind and features six playful designs that will spark even the youngest artists’ imagination.

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