Sequin Art Ranges Explained

Not sure which Sequin Art range to get? We have put together a quick guide explaining what to expect from each range.

Sequin Art is a fun craft for adults and children with a fantastic final result that will bring a new life to any room.

Our in-house designers here at Sequin Art HQ are pioneers of the artistry and complexity behind the skill of creating Sequin Art crafts.
We have something suitable for all ages. You can choose from Red, Blue, Craft Teen, 3D, Diamond Art and many more ranges. However, if you have never tried Sequin Art you might be wondering which one is the best to start with.

You will find everything you need inside every box – sequins, pins an image with a guide and instructions. Also a polystyrene frame to mount your sequins into.
Before you start any Sequin Art project, use the push pins to fix your design to the frame by placing the sheet into the polystyrene frame and ensure that it fits inside nicely. Then pin each corner to secure the design sheet to the base.
Here is an overview of our most popular ranges.

Sequin Art Red range

The Red range is well-loved by all our younger Sequin Artists and is great as your first project. Also choose the Red range if you simply want an easy to follow craft and an escape to the sparkly Sequin Art world.
You will notice that all Red range designs come pre-printed with coloured circles to show you where to pin the sequins.

Sequin Art Red Range Design Sheet
Sequin Art Red Range design sheets come pre-printed with coloured circles


Choose a sequin colour and begin creating your picture by placing a push pin through the hole in the sequin. Match the colour of the sequin to the colour of the printed circle. Push the pin through the white dot in the centre of the coloured circle on your design sheet all the way down to hold the sequin securely.

Playful Freya the Foal design from Sequin Art Red Range
Freya the Foal complete design

Sequin Art Blue range

Our Blue range is perfect for those Sequin Artists who enjoy a little challenge. Adults and children alike love this range.
In every Blue range box, you will find a luxurious black velvet sheet with printed silver dots.

Sequin Art Blue Range design sheet
Sequin Art Blue Range design sheet with silver dots


The dots indicate where the sequins should be pinned.
Your Blue Sequin Art kit will also come with instructions and a colour guide.

Sequin Art Blue Range Colour Guide
Sequin Art Blue Range colour guide


Before you start pinning, carefully study the guide and the front of the box to identify the shapes, patterns and colours of your picture.
You can begin with any colour you like, just place a sequin (cup side up) through the pin and into the silver dot on the velvet sheet.

Sequin Art Blue range colour guide, design sheet and complete design
Sequin Art Blue range colour guide, design sheet and a complete design

Sequin Art Craft Teen range

The Craft Teen range was created with teenagers in mind but is also perfect for those Sequin Artists who appreciate modernity, style and vibrant colours.
All Craft Teen kits come with a design sheet printed on a quality paper. The sheet is printed with white dots – these show you where to place the sequins. Start by looking at the colour guide, it will guide you where to put each colour sequin.

Sequin Art Craft Teen range colour guide
Sequin Art Craft Teen colour guide


Choose a colour and begin creating your picture by placing a pin through the hole in the middle of the sequin, and into the dot on the design sheet.


Sequin Art Craft Teen instructions and colour guide
Craft Teen design sheet and complete Flower Girl project


Sequin Art 3D Range

Our 3D range is a great project for the whole family to get involved. Transform polystyrene shapes into stunning models using an array of colourful sequins.

Sequin Art 3D range model shape
Sequin Art 3D model


Before you start, study the colour guide and the box to spot all the shapes and patterns of your model. Using the drawings in the colour guide you can choose to score pencil lines onto your polystyrene model to separate the different areas of colour.

Sequin Art 3D Instructions And Colour Guide
Sequin Art 3D colour guide


Choose an area of colour and begin covering your model by pushing a pin firmly through the hole in the sequin or bead. If you make a mistake, it is easy to correct – just pull out the pin and change or move the sequin or bead.

Sequin Art 3D pig design
Complete 3D Pig design


When you come to pin narrow polystyrene parts of your model, you will need to angle the pins very carefully to prevent the end of the pin appearing through the other side of the polystyrene.

Spark your imagination by embarking on a Sequin Art journey. Browse our shop and choose from over 70 sparkly designs, once finished keep the sparkle going and share them with your family and friends.

Watch this video to see our Sequin Art 3D Cat come to life.

Sequin Art 3D Cat Tutorial video