Step By Step Guide To Diamond Art

Diamond Art is a super easy craft and anyone, children and adults, can do it! This relaxing project uses tiny gems to create colourful and shiny designs and patterns.

Your Diamond Art kit will include everything you need to complete the design.
In your box, you will find coloured gems, self-adhesive image, instructions, polystyrene base, a small tray for gems, pencil, pencil sharpener and sticky glue pads.

Diamond Art craft project



If you have never tried Diamond Art, here is a quick step-by-step guide with a few tips from our team at Sequin Art HQ.

1. Firstly, attach the picture to the polystyrene base using sticky glue pads.

Tip: the picture will be covered with a protective plastic film. Do not remove it just yet.

2. Then choose a single colour diamond to get started with and pour a small number of diamonds on the plastic tray.

Diamond Art step by step instructions
3. To start creating a Diamond Art picture, peel back a small section of the plastic film from the picture design. The exposed area of your design will be sticky. Do not remove the whole piece of film at once.

Tip: it is a good idea to keep the film over your design as protection until your picture is finished as the sticky surface may attract dust.

4. Use the sticky pencil provided in the kit to pick up diamonds (gem side up) and place them on the corresponding colour on the picture.

Tip: if most of your diamonds are facing the gem side down, lightly tap your pencil in the middle of the tray.

5. You can work the colours in any order you like.

Tip: once you finished your design, put the protective film over the top and then gently press a heavy book on top to secure any loose diamonds on the sticky picture sheet.

Your gorgeous, sparkling Diamond Art picture is a fantastic way of adding a creative touch to any room. Decorate your home with vibrant colours and shiny Diamond Art designs.

Watch our step by step video guide to Diamond Art.

Step by step guide to Diamond Art