Blue vs. Red Range

What is the difference?

We have noticed that many of our customers are not entirely sure what is the difference between the Blue Range and the Red Range. There is some significant diversity between the two ranges, which makes them more suited to contrasting creative individuals. We have put together a short video so you could see for yourself what to expect from each range, allowing you to make the correct choice when purchasing your next Sequin Art.

Not sure what is the difference between Sequin art Red and Blue ranges?

Watch our sparkling tutorial to find out!

The Red Range is a great first project due to the sequin shapes being printed in the correct colour upon the shiny image. This makes the craft easier to follow and relaxing to complete as you will know exactly where to pin the sequins.

On the other hand, the Blue Range has small silver dots upon a luxurious black flocked image. For this range, you will need the additional instructions where you can use the colour guide to match up the sequins to the silver dots in the correct colour. This can be considered a little more challenging than the Red, which may require some additional patience.

Nonetheless, whether the Red Range is right for you, or the Blue Range seems a little more up your street, you will still end up with the amazing sparkling results regardless of which option you choose!


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