The Elves of Sequin Art HQ

Introducing Sequin + Pin, two very cheeky elves of Sequin Art HQ.

Santa Claus sent Sequin and Pin to us because there is a high demand for Sequin Art this Christmas. Children and adults all over the world want a sparkly Sequin Art under their tree on Christmas morning and these elves are going to make sure this happens!

Sequin and Pin have been assisting Santa Claus in the North Pole for many years now. Their great-grandparents started to put Sequin Art together back in 1987, and the sparkling skills have been passed down generation after generation. Sequin and Pin’s family have made up over 10 million kits over the years and know how many sequins are needed for each design with just a quick glance at the image!

Elves in Shrink Wrap

Although there is a lot of work to do in the Sequin Art factory, Sequin and Pin still never forget to have a bit of fun. They are continuously causing mischief, and love to wind each other up.

Sequin and Pin Factory

Nonetheless, when there is work to do (and SC is on their case), they can get their heads in the game. Sequin and Pin can use heavy machinery, put a Sequin Art box together in only 0.001 seconds, and even move the sequins across the factory just with their eyes! This is because the happiness and belief in Christmas give Elves the magic to build toys at a super fast speed.

Sequin and Pin 3D

While Sequin and Pin have been residing at Sequin Art HQ they have made many new friends! You will often find them drinking hot chocolate with the factory manager, or playing with the Sequin Art 3D gang!


They have really enjoyed being in the UK and recently travelled down to the capital London for sightseeing and a spot of Christmas shopping. They were also very excited to bump into an old friend, Gingerbread Man, who is also very busy at this time of year!

Elves Sequin Art List

Sequin and Pin have fallen in love with so many Sequin Art designs this year, they have found it a tough decision to choose just one to put on their own Christmas list. They like to sit together and have a read of the catalogue most nights before bed.

Sequin and Pin do Yoga

It has been great fun having Sequin and Pin here in the run-up to Christmas, they have been spreading the sparkle far and wide! A big thank you for all their hard work, magic and fun they have brought to Sequin Art HQ this festive period – we could not have done it without them!

Let’s hope we will see them again next year, and in the meantime they keep the sparkle going.