Start your Sequin Art Smoogles adventure!

We cannot keep this a secret any longer, Sequin Art Smoogles is our brand-new range that is perfect for younger Sequin Art fans.

Sequin Art Smoogles collection features a family of seven adorably cute baby animals and is aimed at girls and boys from six years old.

Join the Sequin Art Smoogles family for some fun playtime. Each animal comes with its own unique personality and can be found in their natural habitat. The collectable Sequin Art Smoogles crafts are even easier to follow and complete than our very popular Red Range.

Meet Octopus Splash


Brand new Sequin Art Smoogles designs - Octopus Splash
Octopus Splash from the Sequin Art Smoogles Range


Splash lives deep down on the bottom of the ocean with her best friend turtle and other lively sea creatures. She is the youngest out of all Sequin Art Smoogles but also very intelligent and loves exploring shipwrecks and other objects that she comes across in the sea. Like all octopuses, Splash has eight hands, nine brains and three hearts as well as, rather unusual for other animals, blue blood.

When she gets bored, Splash can be a bit of a tease and pull her big sister Chomp’s leg (or should we say neck?).

Meet Penguin Pip


Penguin Pip from the Sequin Art Smoogles Range
Penguin Pip from the Sequin Art Smoogles Range


You can often find Pip deep in the ocean hunting fish or playing catch with her baby sister Splash. Her flippers and webbed feet make Pip an excellent swimmer. Pip is also very social and has a loving personality. Caring and protective, Penguin Pip looks after all the other animals in the Sequin Art Smoogles family. Not once she had to rescue her brother Scratch from big trouble in the jungle.

If she is not swimming, Pip loves chatting to her best friend polar bear and sliding down the icy hills on her pale belly.

Meet Puppy Boop


Playful Puppy Boop from the Sequin Art Smoogles Range
Puppy Boop from the Sequin Art Smoogles Range


Good boy Boop is always wearing a big smile and is an exceedingly affectionate, loyal and playful member of the Sequin Art Smoogles family. He is every animal’s friend and loves helping out on the farm. His good-heartedness and eagerness to please make him slightly gullible, which his big brother Hoot often takes advantage of.

You can often find Boop snoozing in the farmhouse, next to his best friend kitten, or playing tag around the courtyard with Munch. He also loves listening to Hoot’s stories about his adventures in faraway countries.

Meet Owl Hoot


Adorable Owl Hoot from the Sequin Art Smoogles collection
Owl Hoot from the Sequin Art Smoogles Range


Hoot has soft and velvety feathers and is a master of camouflage. He lives in a forest and has a super-powered hearing and excellent eyesight that allow Hoot to spot other creatures from miles away. He can be bossy and thinks that he knows what is the best, Hoot is always quick to correct other Sequin Art Smoogles.

With touchy temper, he might be rough around the edges, but the owl can also be great fun as he loves to crack a joke.

Hoot enjoys telling tales of his adventures and easily capture the attention of other Sequin Art Smoogles with his entertaining stories.

Meet Giraffe Chomp


A gentle giant giraffe chomp from the Sequin Art Smoogles
Giraffe Chomp from the Sequin Art Smoogles Range


Chomp often gets called a gentle giant because her height scares other animals outside the Sequin Art Smoogles family, but she is actually quite harmless. This kind and a very gentle giraffe is independent and loves having ‘me’ time while exploring the busy forest on her own. Because of her exceptionally long legs and neck Chomp never goes hungry. She loves indulging in scrumptious, fresh leaves that she finds right at the top of trees.

In the Sequin Art Smoogles family, Chomp is known as the most thoughtful and practical sibling and her brothers and sisters often ask for her advice. Sometimes Chomp might be a little slow but only because she likes to think before she speaks.


Meet Bunny Munch


A beautiful white bunny Munch from the Sequin Art Smoogles family
Bunny Munch from the Sequin Art Smoogles Range


Munch is a beautiful white bunny with a fluffy cotton tail who thinks nothing is impossible. She has a bubbly, energetic and cheeky personality and can never stay still. With a positive and upbeat attitude, she is fun to be around and always makes other Sequin Art Smoogles laugh. Munch loves company and enjoys being surrounded by her family and friends, she often brings them treats from a farmer’s field and this makes her everyone’s favourite sibling.

Even with her slightly naughty personality, Munch never gets into trouble thanks to her long years, an excellent 360 degrees vision and super-fast hind legs.

Meet Tiger Scratch


A rascal from the Sequin Art Smoogles family Tiger Scratch
Tiger Scratch from the Sequin Art Smoogles Range


Scratch is the rascal of the Sequin Art Smoogles family. He sports bright orange and brown stripes, big white paws and a white patch on his chest.

He is immensely strong and loud and might appear a little scary, but he is actually a good-hearted big cat. Proud of his strength and agility Scratch is a very confident cub, which always lands him in a trouble.

He has a carefree lifestyle and is often seen roaming the jungle and hanging around with two cheeky monkeys. Scratch is fast on his feet but tends to act before thinking things through.