New Sequin Art Blue designs for 2020

The wait is over! Five brand new Sequin Art Blue designs are finally here.

The original Sequin Art Blue range has been around for over 30 years and we are very excited to expand this collection with five sparkly designs. In 2020, we are adding the eye-catching Geckos, Snow Wolf, Stag Head, Red Fox and Pug craft projects.

All the craft kits in the Blue range come with a luxurious velvet design sheet. These projects are more challenging than the Red range and require concentration, attention to detail and patience to complete. However, Sequin Art Blue craft projects are extremely relaxing and the final result is always stunning.


Sequin Art Geckos new craft project


Bursting with colours, the new Geckos Sequin Art project features two intricately detailed lizards. This lively craft project is ideal for anyone who wants to add a dash of colour to their home.


Sequin Art Snow Wolf craft kit

Snow Wolf

The dazzling Snow Wolf craft project is ideal for those who enjoy a challenge and will brighten up any room once completed.


Just arrived the brand-new Stag Head Sequin Art craft kit

Stag Head

Our Stag Head design has a realistic look and highlights the beauty of these majestic animals. Once completed, the striking Stag Head design will add a touch of character to any wild-inspired room.


Sequin Art brand-new for 2020 Red Fox design


Red Fox

At Sequin Art HQ, we are absolutely in love with this design! Create a stunning Red Fox picture with its reddish-brown fur and large pointed ears. With this craft kit, we are introducing rich burgundy colour sequins to the Sequin Art Blue range.


Sequin Art Pug craft set is brand-new for 2020


This is one of our more challenging designs and is ideal for any dog lover. It shows the sweetest Pug placed upon a velvet background. Create your own Pug picture with its distinctive wrinkly round face and a mischievous, human-like expression.


In addition to the five new craft projects, we are bringing back the very popular Camper Van and Tutankhamun designs. Previously these two craft sets were part of the Sequin Art Orange range which has been discontinued last year.

Browse all the new Sequin Art Blue designs here.