Introducing Poppy Popcorn and Harry Hare

Our team at the Sequin Art HQ are over the moon to add vibrant Poppy the Popcorn and Harry the Hare designs to the Red range.

All our Sequin Art kits allow you to create a sparkling and vivid work of art at home. Our Red range is very relaxing to complete and is great for beginners.

Harry The Hare Design From The Red Range
Brand new Harry the Hare design


Fall in love with Harry the Hare, our playful new design. Hares are known for their long, black-tipped ears and fast running, they can often be seen on their own bouncing across the fields. However, our new Harry the Hare is extremely charming, dapper and loves making new friends. His warm disposition and big blue eyes are hard to resist. Harry is a golden-brown hare with a pale belly. He showcases a bright blue jacket, stripy waistcoat and dazzling red bowtie.

Poppy Popcorn Design From Sequin Art Red Range
Meet Poppy the Popcorn from the Sequin Art Red range


It is popcorn o’clock at the Sequin Art HQ as we simply cannot get enough of this design! Salty, Sweet or both there is no such thing as too much popcorn. The new Poppy Popcorn Sequin Art kit is a must-have for any cinema fan in your life. Bursting with excitement Poppy sports contrasting red and white stripes and is full of golden, crunchy treats. This eye-catching design is framed with colourful writing that adds an extra dash of liveliness and introduces blue, orange and pink colours.

Both new Sequin Art kits are placed on a quality paper with a black background and are the perfect way to bring the whole room to life with vibrant colours.

If you love the look of these designs as much as we do, they are now available to buy from our online shop.

Our team here at Sequin Art would love to see photos with your progress and finished designs, please share them by tagging Sequin Art on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.