Meet the Sequin Art Smoogles creator

Meet Denise, a Norwich based designer who has been creating stunning Sequin Art pictures for over eight years.

To find out more about Denise and her work we met with Toby, her loyal four-legged companion. He spends most of his time snoozing under Denise’s desk and knows everything about paw-toshop and inspiration behind her colourful and lively designs.


Toby helped design Sequin Art Smoogles



My name is Toby and I live with my mistress, who with my help, designed the Sequin Art Smoogles characters.

She has been designing for my whole life and beyond, and started when there were no computers or the internet – the dark ages!

She went to something called an Art School, where she studied for four years before starting her career as a graphic designer. Then about eight years ago she teamed up with Sequin Art and she has been covering me, the studio and our home with sequins ever since.

Meet Denise, Sequin Art Smoogles creator
Meet Denise, Sequin Art Smoogles creator



You wouldn’t believe where those sequins turn up! She loves Sequin Art and says it is both relaxing and addictive… putting the colours together to create the right effect is quite a challenge, but really rewarding when you see the finished result and everyone needs a bit of sparkle in their lives!


It is amazing to think that a rough black and white pencil sketch becomes a coloured picture that is then transformed into something even more colourful. She finds her inspiration everywhere, it might be a conversation with friends, a picture, photograph or a walk in the woods with me…

Denise's sketches of the Sequin Art Smoogles
Sequin Art Smoogles sketches


I like to think that I am her main inspiration, I certainly was for Smoogles Puppy Boop. He is my favourite, although the others are pretty cute too. I think there will be lots more characters to introduce to you in the future, why not tell us some of your ideas? You never know they might well become part of the Smoogles family!


Keep the sparkle going!