Made in Norfolk

Not many people know that all our Sequin Art crafts are made here in Britain. Sequin Art is a family-run business set in Swaffham town in Norfolk. This is where we produce nearly one million craft projects every year.

We are the original manufacturers of the sparkly Sequin Art kits that are renowned across the world. However, we produce a lot more than just Sequin Art. On our official website, you can also find Diamond Art, Painting By Numbers and Scratch Art crafts – all made here in our factory in Norfolk.

Let’s take a quick tour around our factory…


Sequin Art dispatch area

This is our dispatch area where all the craft kits get sorted, packed in boxes and labelled to make sure they all go to correct destinations.


Sequin Art team in Swaffham, Norfolk

Most of the Sequin Art employees have worked in the Sequin Art factory and the office for many years (and by many we mean 20 or more years!).


Ray & Lorraine from the Sequin Art factory in Swaffham

Meet Lorraine and Ray! This is where we keep all the individual components required to assemble our craft kits. Here you will find box wraps, design sheets, instructions and velvet flock sheets.


Yellow Sequins at Sequin Art Factory

And of course, we have a lot of sequins in our factory. We use an impressive 25 tonnes or 450 million pins (and 450 million sequins) every year in our Sequin Art kits.


A box of mixed sequins

Sequin Art craft was invented in the 1960s by two American ladies who sold the idea to an English company called Impex and then we obtained the Sequin Art brand in 1987 from them.


Sequin Art craft kits ready to be packed and dispatched

We supply Sequin Art to over 20 different countries. These pallets with Craft Teen projects are ready to leave our factory and travel to Germany.


Sequin Art Smoogles sketches

All of our Sequin Art pictures were also created here in Norfolk by our designers Denise and Norman, who continue producing diverse ranges suitable for all ages.

Norman is a pioneer of the artistry and complexity behind the skill of creating Sequin Art crafts. He has been making our sparkly designs for 20 years.