It’s National Hobby Month

Find more time to play in 2019…

January is not just about joining a gym it is also National Hobby Month. We all have something we love doing to keep our minds relaxed and de-stressed. If your New Year’s resolutions include learning a new skill or doing more fun and good-for-you activities – find a new hobby.

Sequin Art Is Perfect For Children & Adults

So why not start 2019 by trying something different? We think Sequin Art makes a great hobby for children and adults alike. The craft brings balance to your life by making you spend more time away from all of the screens. We understand that in this day and age it could be hard to trade screen time to do activities offline, however the benefits are endless and include improved sleep, less stress and better focus. You could also combine Sequin Art with an audiobook or podcast to stimulate your mind even further.

Already enjoy Sequin Art projects, why not introduce one of your friends to this therapeutic craft?

If you are looking to expand your horizons in the New Year, trying new things is the way forward. It builds character and helps you develop new mental and physical skills and even make new friends.

Sequin Art Is Perfect For All Family

Meet other Sequin Art lovers by joining the private Sequin Art Artists Facebook group. It is a safe place to share pictures of your final projects and pick up some useful tips and tricks.

Challenge yourself and try something new in 2019!