Introducing Sequin Art Purple Range

The brand-new Sequin Art Purple Range has finally arrived. Our team at Sequin Art HQ is very excited to introduce a more elegant and previously unseen Sequin Art look. The Purple collection includes eight vibrant designs on a pre-printed card wrap.

All craft kits in the Purple Range come with a wrap-around design sheet, which completely hides the polystyrene frame, giving all the finished Sequin Art Purple projects a contemporary and stylish appearance.

Let’s take a closer look…

Sequin Art Purple Range

Designs in the new Purple Range come with a stylish card wrap that folds around the base.

The wrap will completely hide the polystyrene base and eliminate the need to frame completed pictures. Finished Sequin Art Purple projects will have a contemporary and stylish appearance and look superb in any room.


Sequin Art wrap around card

Before you can start creating your Sequin Art Purple picture you will need to attach the design sheet to the polystyrene tile.
Firstly fold all the edges along the crease marks, then place the base into the folded picture.


Sequin Art super strong adhesive wraps

To attach your card wrap to the tile, use the super-strong adhesive pads. These will be included in your craft kit.
Simply stick two pads on each side. We will also add a few extras in case you would like to attach your completed design to a wall.



Attaching your card wrap to the polystyrene tile is quick and easy.

Sequin Art super strong adhesive wraps

Sequin Art's new stylish Purple range

Stylish finish and striking, nature-inspired designs define the new Purple Range.

It adds a fresh feel to our diverse crafts collection and we cannot wait for you all to try it.

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