Introducing Pin-free Sequin Art – no pins, no glue, easy to do!

We are thrilled to launch the brand new Pin-free Sequin Art range. The new range does not require pins, which makes it ideal for younger children. But how does it work?

Our team came up with a unique Sequin Art concept that does not involve using push pins or glue, making it ideal for girls and boys from four years old.

The six eye-catching designs come with everything you need to complete a Pin-free Sequin Art craft set. Picture board, sequins, play pattern and a special push pen that will make picking up sparkly sequins effortless for any aspiring Sequin Artist.

Pin-free Sequin Art box and components

The picture is created by pushing sequins onto pegs on a peg base. Here is a quick step by step guide.

  1. Insert the colour guide into the back of the peg board
  2. Place a small number of sequins into the tray
  3. Wet the sponge lightly with water so that it is damp
  4. Hold the push pen upright and wet the tip by placing it on the spongePin-free Sequin Art instructions
  5. Use the wet tip to pick up a sequin, cup side up, and place it over one of the pegs on the base
  6. Push down firmly to secure the sequin onto the peg

Pin-free Sequin Art peg board close up


Watch our Pin-free Sequin Art tutorial video.

Pin-free Sequin Art tutorial video


The new range is perfect to nurture and develop creative minds. The simple to create projects will keep children busy and entertained for hours and help develop hand-eye coordination, concertation and dexterity.

Pin-free Sequin Art Penguin design

Once completed, they make a superb handmade gift for family or friends.

Each project comes with plastic support on the back so you can pop them on a bookshelf or a mantelpiece and showcase your work.