Easter crafts for adults and kids – make your own Easter Bunny!

Explore our collection of the sweetest Sequin Art bunny designs for this year's Easter crafting activities.

Easter marks the arrival of spring, warmer weather and is also a peak time for crafts. When we think about Easter, we immediately start daydreaming about chocolate eggs and of course cute bunnies with long ears and white cotton tails.
What could be more fun than creating one of those fluffy balls of fur yourself? 🐰🤗

Make your own Easter Bunny with these adorable and super sparkly Sequin Art craft projects. Once completed, they will make an impressive Easter gift to your friends and family or a lovely addition to your Easter décor at home.

Sequin Art Pin-free Easter Rabbit

The little ones can choose from our Pin-Free Sequin Art craft kits. The Pin-free range does not require pins or glue and is easy and fun to do.


Easter Rabbit craft project from the Sequin Art Pin-free range


To make this Easter Bunny, you will use a pre-printed colourful picture, a transparent peg-board and a push-pen. Once completed, the pale pink Rabbit makes a lovely handmade Easter gift.

Bunny Munch

Who can resist this adorable white bunny? The Bunny Munch craft kit comes from the Sequin Art Smoogles range. This colourful collection is aimed at girls and boys from six years old.


Sequin Art Easter Bunny Munch craft kit


Sequin Art Smoogles range is easier to follow than our very popular Red range and is ideal for younger children.

Binky the Bunny

It wouldn’t be Easter without a bunny decoration in your home and Binky the Bunny is a must-have. This glistening Sequin Art project displays a smiley, bouncy Easter Bunny.


Binky the Easter Bunny is a fun Sequin Art craft kit from the Red range


Binky is part of our Red range, which is ideal for both adults and children. You will find everything you need inside the box: paper design sheet with pre-printed sequins, polystyrene frame, coloured sequins and pins.

Easter Hare

The Sequin Art Hare design from the Blue range is more challenging and is a great project for the whole family. Set on a luxurious velvet background, this woodland creature flaunts its golden-brown fur and the adorable fluffy tail.


Sequin Art Easter Hare makes a great Easter craft project for the whole family


Once completed, it will look wonderfully on-theme around the house for Easter.

Have a hoppy Easter! 🐣🌷🐇