Creating Sequin Art Craft Kits

A lot of people do not realise how long it takes to create our unique and intricately crafted Sequin Art kits. Therefore we wanted to provide a bit of insight into behind the scenes of creating Sequin Art craft sets. This also explains why we do not release hundreds of designs every year.

Our talented designers Norman and Denise often start with doodles that later become entertaining and rewarding Sequin Art craft projects. The sophisticated design process usually takes our team approximately six months to create and prepare a new design for printing. It then takes us another month to source components and manufacture our sparkly kits before they can be purchased.


Creating Sequin Art Harry Hare craft kit

The design process usually starts with researching current and upcoming trends and hand drawing all the new ideas and patterns. These are then scrutinised by our New Product Development team at the Sequin Art HQ and only the selected visuals move on to the next stage.
This is when the images get digitalised and colour visuals are created.

Sequin Art from hand drawing to digitalised visuals

All the new designs that receive positive feedback are signed off for production. Our designers continue tweaking and finalising the visuals throughout their evolution from rough to polished pictures.

A prototype is created for each new design.
At this stage, some images that looked great on a screen but do not translate onto actual crafts get rejected. The complex testing process ensures that our Sequin Art projects maintain their high quality (we even count each individual sequin).


Creating Sequin Art Hare craft kit


We also test all the components in each kit for toy safety with an independent party to make sure our crafts are safe for everyone to enjoy.

All our sparkly craft sets are designed, manufactured and packed with love in our factory in Swaffham, Norfolk.

Sequin Art employees


Sequin Art craft kits are sold on our official website and through a network of distributors and retailers in over 20 different countries.