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Product Range

Sequin Art

The original Sequin Art range!

Sequin Art Red

A simplified version of our original sequin art.

Sequin Art Zoom

Paint the polystyrene frame and pin sequins to create a total coverage zoom effect sparkling picture.

Sequin Art Style

Create a trio of stylish pictures by pinning sparkling sequins to pre-printed designs to decorate your room.

Stardust Sequin Art

Stardust Sequin Art® with 8 designs available in this range.

Sequin Art My Name

Create a sparkling picture and name from easy to follow pre-printed designs. 2 sizes of alphabet included.

Sequin Magic

Use the magic pen to pick up the sequins and place them onto a self adhesive board to create this colourful fun picture.

Sequin Art Hello Kitty

Pin the full colur pre-printed design onto the frame and decorate with sparkling coloured sequins.  Match the colours to the design.

Sequin Art Foiltastic

Create a sparkling picture by pressing colourful poil pieces on to the adhesive areas and decorating the design with sequins.

Sequin Art Focus

Paint the polystyrene frame and create a sparkling design by pinning colourful sequins onto a pre-printed colour picture. 4 designs available.

Sequin Art & Beads

Create sparkling pictures from easy to follow instructions using sequins and beads.

Sequin Art 3D

Transform polystyrene shapes into stunning models using an array of colourful sequins and beads.

Laser Sequin Art

Peel back the protective cover to reveal the adhesive dots.  Using the magic pen pick up the large sparkling laser sequins and place them on the sticky pictures.

Stardust Sequin Art Rainbow 

Create sparkling pictures from easy to follow instructions using Stardust glitter and sequins.

1309 Cupcakes

3D Sequin Art Trio

Decorate a trio of polystyrene shapes with brightly coloured sequins.

1224 Hearts

Funky Frames

Personalise your Sequin Art Funky Frame with a photo of your choice and decorate by pinning sparkling sequins around in an exquisite design.

1128 PiN-iT Pirate


Create a sparkling picture from a pre-printed design.